REVIEW: Accidentally Engaged

Reena belongs to an overbearing family, always in her business and trying to set her up with a "good boy." She is dead set against it. Imagine her surprise when her new neighbor asks her out, but turns out to be her potential husband in an arranged marriage. Nadim is charming, funny and a huge flirt. He seems to really be into Reena. Too bad she’s not going to marry him (and tells him this every chance she gets). The two secretly decide to become friends and after a drunken night has them entering a FoodTV contest, the pair has to pretend to be engaged to keep their spot in the competition. But as things unfold, there just might be more to their relationship (and each other) that meets the eye.

Accidentally Engaged is cute, funny and a gem. I laughed out loud so many times, I lost track. I loved Reena’s quirky personality, especially how she names all her bread starters. Her inner monologue is the best! Reena is also extremely relatable. I enjoyed her journey of self-discovery, figuring out her head and her heart, all while trying to buck her family's pressure to settle down.

But what I loved most the twists and turns. There were so many layers of mystery and deception that the book kept me guessing. No one character is exactly what they seem in the beginning. While the families were overbearing and at times, over the top, I felt like the relationships were authentic and so real. Their love for each other, despite their faults, really shown through.

The diversity of Accidentally Engaged drew me in. I love reading books where I can experience different cultures, traditions, and learn. It was so refreshing to see both characters embrace their South Asian and Muslim culture, all while trying to forge their own path in life. And the food...this book made me so hungry. You're going to need all the bread when you're finished reading.

Once again, the loveARCtually Book Club picks THE BEST books to read and discuss. I loved chatting with Farah Heron and I can't wait to read her previous book, The Chai Factor. Thanks to Netgalley and Forever Publishing for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

Accidentally Engaged is out March 2! (Goodreads)

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